I Applaude You…Dang it’s hard out here.

I used to love it when I felt inspired to write and share a thought that I felt God had given me. Sometimes it was a post, other times it came out as a sermon. These days those inspirations are few and far in between.

Today I write to appluade you.

You that…

  • Is at home with kids a day
  • sits at a desk all day
  • stands in an assembly line
  • stocks shelves
  • works on vehicles or parts
  • labors all day in the cold and heat
  • goes from room to room caring for the sick
  • makes and serves food all day long
  • washes the dishes
  • cares for the garbage and recycling
  • handles money
  • makes and inforces the laws
  • does what nobody else understands
  • attend class everday

But most of all I applaud you FOLLOWER Jesus who lives, learns, works and plays in these environment and remains faithful to following Jesus.

I applaud you because dang it is hard out here.

Five years ago I felt God was saying stop talking and go live what you preach. Five years ago I said okay I’m in. I’m going to be honest and say most days I say “I’m out this stinks.” Man living for Jesus in this messed up, broken and selfish world is hard. It’s hard to keep my heart centered on Jesus when everything around me screams otherwise. It’s hard to find time to sit and be still before God when everything around me is going 1000 mph.

I want to do a good job. I want to be light in the darkness. I want to remain faithful to my wife and kids. I want to follow Jesus wherever my life is stationed, but dang it is hard out here.

It is a lot different then what I pictured. I was in such a good place with God when I began this journey. Honestly I had never been closer to experience God with me in the day to day of life. And now….some days I almost forget what that intimacy was like. If your judging right now, I am alright with that because I guarantee that others are relating. If your judging right now check your heart because your probably a little too comfortable and disconnected from your family and friends more than you think. Come down holy roller and learn the realities of trying to follow Jesus in the world.

I have to be careful here because it’s easy to become spiteful. I am not. I am thankful for those who get the time to be still and know God. To have hearts centered on following Jesus and encouraging the rest of us. But please realize that its not easy out here. Be a friend not a judge and this goes both ways.

Back to the point…I applaude you for staying committed to your pursuit of following Jesus. There truly is no better place to be than experiencing the presence of God wherever you are. With as difficult as it is. With all the doubts and questions. With all the guilt that screams be more…do more…have a bigger impact for God, I bet your doing better than you think.

Yesterday a good friend, who happens to be an alcholic and unsure of his beliefs said this.

you have become a light in a world that I didn’t even know was dark and that I am truly appreciative for. Thank you for being my friend.

I applaud you for being a friend to those you live, learn, work and play with. I bet you too are bringing light into the darkness. Keep at it the Father is proud to call you His sons and daughters.

And know this, your not alone…cause dang it sure is hard out here.


Closing Lifestation BIC

Many of you are aware that several years ago I was tasked with planting a local BIC church in York. Over the past few years my family has had the opportunity to get to know some amazing people. We have had moments where faith and life were shared in deep ways and I believe that Jesus has been honored.

Throughout this time we have learned that sharing faith and life is very difficult. Even though we believe that people matter, it didn’t make relationships any easier. Each of us brought our unique personalities and opinions as we were all walking through different seasons of life.

One of the hardest things we’ve experienced over the years was when someone made a decision to move on from LifeStation for one reason or another. Some moved, and others realized that they needed something more in a “church.” And yet, many remained faithful despite the challenges and changes.

I believe, now more than ever, that the church is people…it’s a gathering of people who believe in and desire to follow Jesus. The church is people and when two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus the opportunity for faith to grow is exponential. Now, more than ever, I believe in the church.

So why close LifeStation?

To be honest, I grew weary of the expectations that the church places on one another, as well as the pastor. Being full-time in the workplace and trying to pastor a church is extremely difficult.

The good thing is that there are a lot of good churches throughout York County that desperately need good people to join with them in what God is doing.

I love simple church without the expectations. Some of the sweetest times that I recall were when LifeStation first got started and we were simply gathering because we wanted to share faith and life with each other. It wasn’t about a church…it was about one another. I miss the simplicity of that.

This is where my hope lies. I hope that as LifeStation officially closes, God will give us all the opportunity to share faith and life in deep and meaningful ways again. I hope that people will sense a freedom to come and spend time with us, even if they are a part of another church fellowship. My family is plugging into another local church, but we want to continue to meet with you, the church, and those not yet following Jesus, in our homes and wherever else our lives are stationed.

So yes, LifeStation is officially closing. However, in many ways, this is still just the beginning.

May God bless you and keep you. May you experience the peace of Christ and power and presence of God wherever you go!

Raising Minimum Wage Equals more Computers

So, I have to vent for a minute. As the conversation of raising the minimum wage  continues business men and women have been responding. It has been happening for years. Individuals who own and run this country are smart. They know that if they are going to continue to make a profit things have to change.

So they change has come and continues to come. Instead of hiring more workers at $10.00 business pay thousands of dollars for a few computers and let workers go. Tonight me and four other customers checked ourselves out at Home Depot. No “normal” cashiers were present. One employees stood at her computer and made sure we knew what we were doing.

Fast food and other companies are following behind. Sheetz, Wawa and others have lead the way by getting us to place our order via computer. Smart phones can now order at many restaurants. Some times I order my own drink at Starbucks via my phone.

Are you aware that computer operated Tractor Trailer Trucks are already replacing truck drivers? Truck Drivers make more than minimum wage! Raising minimum wage sounds like a great idea, but the reality is business men and women will push back. They will find a way to make a profit and when they can no longer do that, they will walk away. Potential Employees lose by raising minimum wage.

If we want to increase jobs and wages give Employers a reason to hire new people and pay them well. Employers will pay for good employees.


Days are flying by

Four kids, busy job and the days sure do fly by. It is hard to believe that another weekend is upon us. It is hard to believe that it is getting dark before 7:30 PM. Before we know it winter will be upon us and we will be locked inside our homes all night.

The days are flying by. My oldest son will be turing 8 in January. My youngest, a beautiful little girl, will be two in November. It is so hard to believe how fast the days are going.

So my biggest wrestle continues to be how am I to live out my calling as a Pastor. How should I spend the days that are flying by? Most weeks I work 50+ hours.

Last night I had the opportunity to be in a room full of Pastors. It was a blessing. My wife encouraged me to go. The opportunity was before me, it  made sense so I went. I think the same is becoming true of other situations. I am learning to pay attention to my calling and what God lays on my heart. It is not about what I do, but who I am. I am a pastor and I want to live into my calling.

The days are flying by, so I encourage you to discover who you are called to be, and learn to live into it. It’s not easy, but I cant think of a better way to spend my tim

It is what it is, so embrace it, and allow God to use it!

Today I had the privilege to connect with my Spiritual Director at the Kavanna House. As we talked about my faith and life something occurred to me. I’m learning to BE who God has created me to be.  I’m learning to BE ok with life as it happens.

A common phrase I hear in my construction world is “it is what it is.”  At first I wasn’t a fan of this phrase, but I have learned to embrace it. The world of construction is tough. Every day there are challenges to overcome. I used to get so frustrated at mistakes and challenges, but I am slowly learning to accept them-  “it is what it is-” I can’t change my current reality but I can decide where to go from here.

With that said I am learning to embrace what is. Embrace the moment. Embrace the opportunity. Embrace reality. Embrace the feelings present in that reality. More importantly I am learning that God is with us in the midst of what is. As a follower of Jesus I am never alone. I never have to worry or fear. I can trust that my God can give me wisdom and direction no matter what I am facing. He can bring peace in the midst of the storms of life. He can take broken things and make them beautiful. He is a craftsman and He is always working. The crazy, amazing thing is I can join God in midst of each and every circumstance.

As I learn to BE who He has created me to BE I am set free to live. I am free to live life moment by moment, circumstance by circumstance, and in the midst of it all I can embrace what He wants to do. I can trust Him to lead, guide and direct me. I have the opportunity to be like Christ.

So may tomorrow be a day that I face each and every circumstance fully aware of who I am. May tomorrow be a day that I embrace each circumstance  and surrender it to God. May I notice what He is guiding and directing me to do. May tomorrow be a day that I chose to follow Christ. “It is what it is” and I will embrace what it is and allow God to use me in the midst of it!

Prayer … is waking up to the presence of God no matter where I am or what I am doing. When I am fully alert to whatever or whoever is right in front of me; when I am electrically aware of the tremendous gift of being alive; when I am able to give myself wholly to the moment I am in, then I am in prayer. Prayer is happening, and it is not necessarily something that I am doing. God is happening, and I am lucky enough to know that I am in The Midst.

Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar in the World


And he said “Contemplating My Existence”

Last week I went from Jury Duty on Monday and Tuesday to restoration of a fire-damaged McDonalds on Wednesday. Pretty much since then it has been non-stop lets get this thing opened. In a week I have met some new people who I look forward to getting know more. In a week I have learned a lot about running a fast paced job for GCM.

But today, I was reminded how God is working. Sitting at a front counter waiting for some material I needed for my project, I apologized to the man next to me for taking so long. He said no worries, I’ve got time, I’m just sitting here contemplating my existence. My response “wow that is deep.” He said, “yeah I am sorry man.” I said “no problem, just got to be careful what you say out loud, I’m a Pastor and love those kind of conversations.”  He responded with “yeah I know where I am spending Eternity.”

After a bit of silence I said, “glad you got eternity figured out, for me the hardest part is walking the unknown day to day journey.” To which he replied, “yeah that seems to be the hardest part.”  This lead me to talking about why “sharing faith and life” with a community of faith believers is so important. I shared my thoughts on church and he was interested. He said, “I don’t like ‘traditional Churches’.”

The guy next to me then said “so you must not like mega/large churches.” I said, “I simply don’t think there is one model for everyone anymore. We need different types of churches for different stages/seasons of life people are in.” He said, “yeah I’m a pastor too, and I’m out here working like you. I’ve been doing bi-vocational ministry for 10 years. The church I’m a part of has around 100 people and everyone ministers to each other.”  We chatted and the “Contemplating my Existence” guy listened in and said “thanks for conversation”.

Seriously, two Pastors, who are living out their faith and life a bit different in the same store with a man who is Contemplating his Existence. God is working wherever our lives are stationed. He is drawing men and women unto Himself.

Lord help my eyes and ears be open to what you are doing. Help me to be like Christ to those I come in contact with. May the way I live, think, and act be used as seeds of hope and faith in the lives of those I come in contact with in the places I live, work, learn, and play!




Facebook Message Reminded Me- UnKnowing Impact

This week I received one of the most impactful FaceBook messages I have ever received.  Someone who I had brief interaction with several years ago sent me a message simply to let me know how his life has changed. I had no IDEA the impact my life had on him.

My desire is to encourage followers of Jesus to declare a different way to live life where ever our lives are stationed. To believe this God has asked me to step out of my comfort-zone. I am in the most challenging season of my life and sometimes I wonder how does one really make a difference for God.

The FaceBook Message I got came at the right time. See, in my heart I believe that no matter where our lives are stationed, we can have an impact for God, but often I hear a different message. Despite having moved away from full-time paid ministry over a year and a half ago, sometimes I still hear voices from my past that basically say, “to really make a difference for God you have to be a pastor or missionary.” There are days when I feel like this. There are days when I wrestle and say is this statement right? Maybe full time ministry is the only way to have an impact.

But this Facebook Message reminded me that often followers of Jesus can unknowingly have impact on the lives of others. I was reminded that 6 years ago I simply went out and spent some time with a young man. I don’t remember much about that day. I remember basketball and then going back to drop him off at his house. His parents where home so I went in to introduce myself. And this is where the impact happened.

The Facebook Message states that as I entered his home the dynamics of his household changed. The brief time we spent together was the start of transformation in his family. …”our faith has been spreading. And the wake up call all began that day when you took me out and came in to meet my family. You personally have been an extreme blessing to my family, with your presence alone you changed the dynamics of it for the better.”

I write this for one purpose. I write this because this helps me to continue to believe that no matter where our lives are stationed we can declare a different way to live life. As we share our faith and lives with others, “our presence alone can bring about change.”

It is the desire of our hearts that is key. My prayer is that we would be able to trust God with the impact our lives make. We don’t need to compare. We don’t need to have a list of people we have brought to church. It doesn’t even matter how many people you have “saved.”  What matters is the desire of your heart. Because maybe, you’re unknowingly having an impact.